İngilizce hayalimdeki oda tanıtımı paragrafı

İngilizce hayalimdeki oda tanıtımı

My dream room must be have a great view of the ocean and the beach, so my room should have a lot of windows, so that I can see the beautiful should be not really big, but make me relax and safe. my room will painted with pink and white. I think it would have a modern style decor there are home theater with the connection to the internet, so i can download my favorite film easily and very fast. there are also advanced air conditioner to manage a temperature with automated system, and one medium aquarium beside my home theater. not to forget, my dream room must be have a small bed to my lovely cat. I will put my bed near from the window so i can feel the atmosphere of the ocean and the beach. My bed should be not very big, just medium size and make me relax. I like to browsing the internet to know some information and to connect with my family and my friends so my dream room must be have a computer or laptop with connection to the internet . I will put my computer or laptop in the desk beside my bed. In the walls i will put my best painting, my poetry, all thing about my best art. I will also put my family’s photo and my best friend’s photo in the walls. My dream room must be have a modern bathroom with medium size.There are modern bathtub, shower, and the others. I thing that’s all about my dream room, very simple but I will feel very happy to enjoy my dream room. – Kaynak

İngilizce hayalimdeki oda paragrafı

I really like the room where I spend my nights, but sometimes in my dreams there’s a much more beautiful one. It has a very big balcony with a view at he sea and it’s bigger than mine. It’s lighter and it also has a wide window from where you can see the mountains and a country landscape, too. Its walls are light blue and there are nice pictures hunging from them. In one side, there’s a huge bed covered by a patchwork cover, and small lamps on the bedside tables. There’s a small white rug on the wooden floor and plenty of books on the shelves opposite to the bed. I hope one day this dream will come true! – Kaynak


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